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IMG_2147Islam is the way of life prescribed by the Creator for us to develop our full potential in order to become better human beings who live in peace and harmony with all living beings.

In current times misconceptions and negativity are plentiful regarding Islam. These negative stereotypes are largely due to ignorance, long held prejudices as well impressions formed as a result of wrongs committed in the name of the faith.

Such prevailing trends mandate the need for an objective investigation regarding Islam’s take on various issues. A serious quest needs to be undertaken in search of truth.

Contrary to such negativity, the Quran, which is considered by Muslims as the Word of God and the most authentic source of Islamic guidance invites us to inner peace, improved relationships and a meaningful purpose of life.

Islam, which is the lifestyle of the Quran, will enable you to discover your creative talents, and have a positive attitude towards life.

By it you will develop a strong character which will navigate you safely through life’s trials and tribulations.

I write, speak and consult on Islam to remove misconceptions, build bridges and break down barriers to peaceful coexistence.

As a consultant I am here to assist you in your journey towards Islam and to provide you with guidance, signposting and support for personal development.

I hope you will find the knowledge posted here to be thought provoking and beneficial. Please weigh and consider the presentations and by all means do raise questions or get in touch with me for any matter.

I look forward to your questions, comments and even criticisms.

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