338335_3058977389223_1354691604_oI write frequently to address contemporary issues in the light of Islamic ethos. My articles and essays have been published in leading national and international journals. Some published works are

Dinin Kaynagi Olarak Kur’an Yeter Mi? Turkish translation of Authority of Al Qur’an, (Istanbul Yayinavi, 2009)

Meeting Spiritual Needs of Learners in FE – An Islamic Perspective, (Journal of Chaplaincy in Further Education, London, Vol 2, No. 2, Autumn, 2006)

Qur’anic Concept of Love, (Nasihah, The Official Newsletter of The Islamic Society of Rutgers University, Volume 2 Issue II Apr./May. 2001)

Status of Parents in Al Qur’an (Aalulbayt Global Information Centre, 1997)

Status of Women – As Seen From The Qur’an (Islamisk Studiebogssamlings, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1998)

Why Islam is Against Antisemitism? (San Diego Jewish World, 26 December, 2009)

The Labour of Love (The Nation, March 14, 2012)

The Neglected Prayer (DAWN, June 6, 2014)

The Danger of Cults (DAWN, January 1, 2016)

Genuine vs Fake (DAWN, February 12, 2016)

Climate Crises (DAWN, June 17, 2016)

A new life (DAWN, September 9, 2016)

Man or beast? (DAWN, November 18, 2016)

Shopping Mania (DAWN, April 21, 2017)